Is Pressure Washing Safe for Cleaning Your Fence?


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Replacing your old wooden fence with a new one can dramatically change the way your property looks. This will depend on the quality of the lumber used along with the refreshing hues of newly stained wood. The way that your new fence will glint in the sunlight will surely be an aesthetically pleasing sight, and will maintain the beauty of your home.

However, with time and inevitable wear and tear, all fences get old. The beautiful décor will be marred by pests and environmental damage, making it necessary to replace the fence in its entirety. But what if you can skip this costly option and get more out of what you already have? This article will shed light on how pressure washing can be applied to your fence in order to restore it to its former splendor.

What Is Pressure Washing?

A pressure washer is typically a gas-powered machine that uses air and water to apply highly pressurized water to different surfaces. This water usually enters the pressure washer by means of a garden hose. The water that issues from this machine will spurt out from a special nozzle that will also allow you to alter the intensity of the spray. It is crucial to remember that highly pressurized water should be used with care; the force exerted can be harmful for fragile and delicate surfaces such as roofs, glass panes of windows or damaged wood. Therefore, pressure washers are most effective when it comes to ridding surfaces of a variety of marks or stains.

How To Use A Pressure Washer?

Rental centers or tool retailers normally provide a set of instructions regarding the use of pressure washers. Home owners should ensure that their water supply can deliver the required amount of gallons per minute as specified by their particular machine. They should also ascertain the length of the garden hose and the amount of time it takes to provide the requisite amount of water. Water should also circulate freely throughout the system, so home owners should additionally check the inlet filter or screen. No debris should be present in the filter and the hose pipes should not have any kinks.

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing?

As mentioned above, pressure washing can easily help home owners to remove old and faded stains from woodwork. This will prepare the fence for the administration of a new coat of paint.These mechanical sprayers do not only remove mild blemishes, but remove loose particles of paint, mold, grime, dust and mud. Even though this process will revive the old fence, it is advisable to apply a fresh coat of sealant or paint. But overall, pressure washing will aid home owners in rejuvenating the look of their existing fence in the best possible way.

When Is Pressure Washing Inadequate?

Highly pressurized water is a useful resource for renovating the fence and hence the entire yard. However, there are times when this will not be enough. If the wood of the fence has undergone extensive damage from weather or outdoor pests, pressure washing will actually accelerate the problem. It will compound the existing wear and tear and may necessitate the replacement of the fence if the structure is weakened, or looks worse after treatment. Pressure washing is thus a consideration if the underlying wooden structure is intact and will not suffer during the removal of mild stains.

The Bottom Line

It is integral that home owners conduct a thorough investigation of their fence before embarking on a plan of action. Often, there has been minimal damage which only necessitates the replacement of old boards with new ones. Undountedly, pressure washing can do wonders to your exterior home cleaning. However, if you are thinking about pressure washing your fence but are doubtful whether you should undertake it or not, it is best to call in the experts.  A professional power washing company will aid in analyzing your fence and will advise you whether your fence can withstand the force of ejected water. Moreover, they will be able to guide you if you have concerns about performing the pressure washing procedure yourself and will advise you accordingly.

At the time of application, it is important to take some precautions such as ensuring that hot water is not sprayed on the fence and that the requisite pressure has been obtained. A reputable pressure washing company can make sure of this while providing the services pertaining to pressure washing itself. This task can then be performed with the utmost care to provide the best possible results.

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