The Top Reasons Homeowners are Choosing Rain Chains


Rain chains are great features to have in homes today, owing to their beauty and functionality. Rain chains are in the market to replace the gutter downspouts, which are the traditional ways of getting water from the gutters to the ground. Rain chains are great in homes with modern architectural designs though designs look great even in cabins and other traditional looking homes. These chains work perfectly both with heavy rains as well as in a light drizzle and because the water is visible, they look beautiful.

The cups in the design of the rain chains add on to the efficiency and performance of the chains because their bottoms, which are open, act as funnels and focus water beautifully to the drains. Although the splashing involved here is minimal, here are the top reasons why these chains are worth having in any home:  

Rain chains are aesthetically pleasing – In most homes, the contractors try to hide the closed gutter downspouts from plain sight as much as possible because they are not pleasing to look at, something that is the complete opposite when it comes to rain chains. Rain chains come in numerous shapes and designs, and a homeowner can easily find a design that will easily complement the home’s overall design. Even when it is not raining, these rain chains are appealing to look at and they can transform the overall look of the home.

It is easy to install the rain chains – Although most experts will insist on handling the installation of these chains, the installation process is simple and straightforward such that anyone can do it. These chains begin from the hole in the gutter where downspouts usually are, and they come with an installation kit to remedy the situation where the hole in the gutter is bigger than the size of the chain. The outlet tubes at the top of the chains prevent the rainwater from creeping under the gutter and dripping away from the chains.

Rain chains sound great when it is raining – The closed gutter downspouts are often loud, clunky, and disruptive, and spending time relaxing on the porch when it is raining is not exciting because of that sound. However, the rain chains produce a wonderful sound associated with a soft bell-like tinkle, a wind chime, or the sound of a waterfall.  This makes spending time at the front or back porch soothing, relaxing, and even entertaining.

It is possible to use rain chains without gutters – The rain chains are ideal in places where gutters collect rainwater from the roof and direct it to specific ends in order to direct them to the drains properly. However, these chains can also help to control the flow of water where an arching roof does not have gutters. Its effectiveness is greatly compromised because at times the water can miss the chains completely owing to a number of factors such as winds or the volume of the water, however, more often than not, the chains will succeed in draining the water down safely.

Rain chains work well in winter – In many places, ice can freeze on the gutter downspouts and getting rid of the ice can be a problem. However, that is not the case with rain chains because you can see where the ice is and remove it with little to no hassle. However, it is important to consider that too much ice plus the weight of the chain can cause damage on the gutters if a homeowner does not strengthen the gutters. Therefore, these chains work just fine all year round.

The rain chains will not swing dangerously – In places where there are high winds, people are afraid that these rain chains can swing to the extent of breaking a window or hurting someone when the winds are blowing them causing them to swing. However, a complete rain chain system comes with a copper dish at the bottom, which can handle very strong winds and prevent the chain from swinging in any direction.

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