Tips For Decluttering Your Home


Whether you’re a secret hoarder or a have recently downsized your home, you may have too much “stuff” in your house. Some people are just better at keeping their home clean and streamlined then others. I know I’m guilty of that. By removing excess chachkas, even the smallest of spaces will look that much bigger and roomier.

Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help those of us (ahem!) who need a little guidance when it comes to decluttering our living spaces.

– If you don’t use it, chuck it. A golden rule for sure. Basically if you haven’t used something in years (or even just in the past year) then chances are you don’t need it.

– Take a photo, it’ll last longer. If you have items that have significant meaning to you and your family, take a photo of it and hang it on the wall or put it in an album. This way either you can donate the actual item or you can pack it away nicely and store it away. Either way, you’ve just freed up some space.

– If you wouldn’t buy it now, get rid of it. Simple rule to live by. Take a long, hard look at the item and ask yourself, “If I saw that in the store today, would I buy it?” If the answer is no, then you already know what we’re about to say…

– Everything has a place. Once you’ve finished using something, put it back. If you leave things laying around your space will seem that much more cluttered. By putting the item back in the cabinet, drawer or box it came from, that’ll be one less thing to worry about.

– Get organized. Make sure you don’t start piling things up. Stacked magazines, seasonal clothes, etc. Everything needs a place to live. If it’s not properly stored something, it’ll definitely add to the clutter factor.

– Storage, storage, storage. Be creative on different places you can store things. There are great containers you can buy now that will hide under most beds. Make use of this dead space by hiding seasonal clothes and shoes, or memorabilia like old love letters from your husband or father’s day cards from your kids. Remember to look up as well. On top of cabinets and pantries, there is usually dead space that you can use to store extra boxes and containers.

– Buy less, save more. Basically if you are in the bad habit of constantly buying knick knacks or chachkies, stop. You obviously don’t have room for it, and by not buying all those little trinkets, you’ll end up saving in the long run. Try to NOT buy anything for 30 days and see how you do. First, everything you want to buy something, take note of how much it is, then walk away. Once you get home, put that same amount of money in your piggy bank. By the end of the month, see how you feel, how does your house look and most importantly, how much did you save? (Keep us posted!)

– Guilt is for the guilty. If you’re keeping something because someone gave it to you and you don’t actually want it. Well, don’t keep it. There’s no point in feeling guilt over something trivial like keeping an umpteenth serving tray, or dollar-store picture frame. Say ba-bye to those items.

– Close the door. Lastly, if you are a messy Marvin, make sure you don’t have any open shelving. This will only remind you of the mess. Instead, ensure your closet has a door, your cupboard is closed and your wardrobe is tucked away.

– Reduce, reuse, recycle. And of course, what should you do with everything you get rid of? Either donate it to your favourite local charity or have a garage sale.


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