Window Cleaning – Is It On Your Spring Cleaning To Do List?

What tasks should be on my Spring to-do list?

            Spring has finally arrived and with it, comes a spring to-do list. Your list should contain a variety of springtime chores you can do inside your house, as well as outside! One of the most common tasks during this time of year is window cleaning. But don’t let us tell you what to do, whatever you feel is essential to do really depends on you and your situation. There are a variety of important things to always consider when cleaning your house that really shouldn’t be neglected no matter what the household!

Chores you shouldn’t Neglect:

Window cleaning

Gutter cleaning

-Mowing the lawn

-Vacuuming your house

Powerwashing the decks, and walkways.

-Cleaning up your appliances

-Cleaning your chimney.

These are just some of the many chores to consider, but there is one in particular that most people tend to overlook. The most important thing you should worry about most is the cleaning of your windows and for good reason, too. In Vancouver window cleaning is a very ideal step, as it helps to benefit you in quite a variety of ways. 


Benefits of window cleaning

-Helps to increase the value of your home by giving it that “clean” look from the street.

-Gives you a much more pleasant atmosphere

-Avoid degradation and saves you money rather than having to replace windows.

-Let in more light and help to save on electricity bills.


These are just a few reasons why washing your windows is beneficial. Of course, just washing your windows only gets you so far.  When it comes to window cleaning in Vancouver, you shouldn’t just do plain window cleaning with a brush and pole, and rinse.  You might consider using a squeegee to hand dry the windows to give your windows that “crystal clear” look and view with no water marks left behind.  It’s not an easy thing to master, but there are many self help Youtube videos online if you want to learn how to do it.  Of course you can always hire a company to do this for you.


Vancouver window cleaning
Window cleaning might be a job you want to tackle, but some homes might be better off left to the Pros! Call us today as we specialize in hard to reach window cleaning.

Benefits of power washing

-With power washing you clean much better due to the extra pressure

-Power washing can reach places that normal washing can’t

-Can help improve the look of your house much more significantly than normal washing.

-Can ultimately be very environment friendly using just water, rather than using chemicals to clean the extra grime and dirt around your home.


In Vancouver, the moss and green layer coats pretty much everything on the North Sides of every home.  Power washing is a pretty safe and easy bet with only a small investment of time and in most cases can be done yourself or if you don’t have time, can be hired out to a proffesional pressure washing company.  Of course, with power washing you get much more pressure than just rinsing off with a hose, and with more pressure, it helps you to clean a lot better.  Just washing in general only gets you so far, but with pressure washing you can ensure that all dirt and grime are removed and leftover residue completely washed off.  Power washing is ideal in situations if you want to get a true feeling of clean for your house.  No matter what your reasoning, you can’t deny the benefits of power washing has to offer, and the tremendous benefits you have to gain from it. Despite what some may say, more pressure washing when done properly is always better for not only your home, but your neighbors, and ultimately will help you increase the curb appeal and the value of your home tremendously.  Whether you want to consider selling your home, or just want to live in it and be the awe of the neighborhood you won’t regret using power washing next time you start working on your spring to-do list and realizing how essential of a chore it really is!


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