What Gutter Installation Is Best In Vancouver, B.C.?

gutter installation done in Vancouver

Metro Vancouver Seamless Gutter Installations 4, 5 or 6?

A common question I get quite a bit – What is the difference between 4, 5, and 6 inch gutter, and what gutter should I install on my house wherever it may be in Metro Vancouver?

4 inch gutter installations were mainly installed pre and post World War II.  In the 1970’s – the standard became 5 inch.  However, obviously 5 inch guttering was not adopted by every contractor, or gutter company, because there are lots of post war homes with 4 inch guttters on them.  Most companies phased out the 4 inch, and went to 5 inch by the late 70’s and into the 80’s.  5 inch colonial or “K” style gutter is prominent on I would think 75 percent of the homes in Metro Vancouver from Squamish to Chilliwack.  You can see the differences in the sizes of  gutter on our profile download here: https://www.northshorehomeservices.com/service/gutter-downpipe-installations/

There is some thought in the last decade to moving to a 6 inch gutter.  I’m not completely sold on it as it is a big gutter.  I think it works when needed and looks estetically pleasing on a house.  I think you need at least 2×10 inch fascia board to fit it and make it look good.  A time I have felt it really works is when you have a Cape Code or Tudor style house with a steep pitch roof.  Another type roofing system where a 6 inch gutter is good is when there is a tile roof present onthe home.  In both these applications, you might find the tile roof sits high and the rain overshoots the 5 inch gutters.  6 inch seamless gutter gives a wide mouth and better catches water off  a steep or thick roof like tile.

On most roof applications – I still prefer the 5 inch gutter.  However, todays gutters come in many colors – not just brown and white like they did 30 years ago.  Black and dark slate grey are the most popular colors.  And of course gutter profiles have changed.  You can see our eavestrough proiles and colors on the same gutter and downpipe installation page as above.

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