Window Cleaning After BC’s Rainy Season


Regardless of how well a window is manufactured, it’s important to remember that cleaning the window on a regular basis is equally important to maintaining the integrity of the window itself. Not cleaning your windows at least twice a year can lead to accumulated dirt and dust, affects heat efficiency and eventually causes glass degradation. And if your windows aren’t operating at 100 percent, you risk higher energy costs overall, allergens flowing and of course, dirty windows make for an unpleasant view when you look out on a beautiful day.

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Benefits of a professional window cleaning


Windows are an important part of your home. When they start getting gross and streaky it’s time to clean them. Interior windows can be cleaned relatively easily. Exterior windows can be trickier. Some are difficult or dangerous to get to. Others are awkward. On a beautiful weekend afternoon you’d rather be out enjoying life than thinking about the grime on your windows.

Professional window cleanings offer a number of benefits including saving you time and the ability to get to hard to reach areas.

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How to Perform Maintenance on Gutters and Windows

Gutter maintenance

Certain times of the year are better for outdoor home maintenance. During these times, you should get reacquainted with your gutters. Especially after a difficult winter, it’s important to check your gutters as soon as you can. During the colder times of the year when you can’t do outdoor maintenance, you can always check the condition of your windows. Understanding how to perform checkups and necessary repairs can save you plenty of money on replacements.

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How To Clean Windows In 5 Easy Steps

Window cleaning done the right way

The gradual melting away of winter both gladdens and saddens the residents of Vancouver.  On one hand, we are excited because we can once more head outdoors to enjoy the things we like—walking the seawall around at Stanley Park, hitting the Grouse Grind, or just heading to our local shore for a beach day.

On the other hand, Spring is around the corner – which means Spring Cleaning, and usually one of the things on our to do list is window cleaning. Having clean windows in your house will make your spring and summer much more enjoyable – especially for window gazing on those warm summer evenings.

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Window Cleaning – Is It On Your Spring Cleaning To Do List?

What tasks should be on my Spring to-do list?

            Spring has finally arrived and with it, comes a spring to-do list. Your list should contain a variety of springtime chores you can do inside your house, as well as outside! One of the most common tasks during this time of year is window cleaning. But don’t let us tell you what to do, whatever you feel is essential to do really depends on you and your situation. There are a variety of important things to always consider when cleaning your house that really shouldn’t be neglected no matter what the household!

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